Exclusive Q&R with *Mirage*

*Mirage* has answered some of our questions. Other questions weren't answered because Spellborn doesn't want to say anything that's don't completely decided.

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General Questions

Will it be possible to hold some "social" events in the game ? Like weddings, birthdays celebrations, putting a bounty on certain ppl, etc... If yes, will you give the required RP elements like costumes, Bounty hunters boards...?

The Chronicles of Spellborn offers an environment and setting favorable to social happenings. Celebrating a wedding or birthday are events players will be able to hold in-game, but won't be officially supported at release. It will be quite an impressive sight to have a wedding procession in Quaterstone, marching through Fountain District heading to the Temple of the Oracle, to hold the ceremony under the Oracle's blessing.

Regarding the typical RP elements coming along (such as costumes), we are looking at the possibility to have them implemented post release, in order to strengthen the RP and immersive aspect of said events.

Can you give reasons why grouping is an advantage in PvE?

Grouping is a feature very well adapted to MMOs. It allows players to experience content non attainable in solo, and while in a group, players can share their game experience as well as some different tips.
While adventuring in Spellborn's world players will be faced with dangerous encounters that require to group. Although most of the game content is set up to allow solo play, there are enemies and adventures difficult for one single adventurer. Grouping will then become the perfect answer to the challenge. Grouping content revolves around eight persons encounters, enabling small scale guilds to also experience these dungeons. But beware, some encounters will require quite some thinking and players will have to come up with adapted strategies.

In addition, you might want to consider The Chronicles of Spellborn's combat and targeting system while in a group. Imagine a situation where you have to aim at your enemy to inflict damages, and a short time after, targeting one of your party member to create a Blood Link with him, in order for you to take damages instead of him. Also imagine in the heat of the battle you would have to target one or several of your group members to heal them while being aware of what is going on in your vicinity. Both these targeting and combat systems are unique to The Chronicles of Spellborn and will open new horizons in a group.

How will dungeons be like ? Series of mobs harder to kill each time, or better, will we have to solve riddles, sort of like "Find Uhriel»? Generally, will there be some interaction involved?

As said in previous answer grouping content will require quite some thinking. Adventuring in dungeons and other places, players will be confronted with opponents offering a pretty decent challenge (mild euphemism) but also requiring a specific strategy to be defeated. In order to complete certain objectives, players will need to interact with environment. Cutting certain ropes, pulling certain levers, climbing ladders, interacting with resource nodes and seeing doors opening before the player are some of the many interactive elements in TCoS, along with other puzzles. These puzzles are likely to be found in the game post release.

Any info on land mounts ?

Mounts (either flying mounts or “conventional” land mounts) will not be available in Spellborn at release. Nevertheless these will be included in the game after release. Flying mounts will allow players to freely travel in the tempestuous Deadspell Storm and explore uncharted zones filled with danger. Concerning land mounts we will be looking at different factors before implementing them, such as speed and proper in-game animation. We want these mounts to fully blend into the environment and setting of The Chronicles of Spellborn, thus we have to make sure we can fulfill this desire.

Can some classes resurrect other people?

There are no resurrection skills in TCoS, meaning that no class will be able to bring back to life a fallen partner. When a character is defeated in The Chronicles of Spellborn, it will respawn at specific shrines, located throughout the zone. The character will respawn alive and won’t suffer any debuff or resurection sickness. The only thing a character will lose upon death is the PeP level acquired. The Personal experience Point (PeP) system grants characters bonuses to the attributes and states if the character stays alive and gains experience in combat. When a character dies all bonuses are lost and the PeP rank is reset and set back to default status, where it doesn’t give nor take away any of the combat efficiency of the character. Death is already frustrating enough.

Are there free PvP zones?

Spellborn contains several free PvP zones. These zones are for example mines, different fighting pits and the Quarterstone Arena. It’s not only limited to these zones for there are some other zones in Quarterstone where PvP will be possible.

Can we have some more details on Ancestral Mage pets and his control over them? (Number of pets, skills of pets…)

The Ancestral Mage is a powerful caster class within the Spell Caster Archetype. It possesses up to 10 pets, varying in force and power depending on the level of the Ancestral Mage. The caster can only summon one pet at a time, and can perform various actions with it. Even though Pets have their own skills, the Ancestral Mage doesn’t have any control over these skills. The various actions the mage can perform are behavior control of the pet such as attack, defend, assist… Ancestral Mage is a powerful opponent, and players facing one should be very aware of the pet used… The outcome of the battle will greatly depend on that.

What kind of sigils can we have? (without thinking of levels, simply a “list” of sigils available)

Talking about sigils, two different categories need to be defined. The first category is the “Item” sigils. These sigils will enhance certain character statistics, such as run speed, and will add some visual effects to your weapons, such as tracers or blazing runes around your sword. The second category is the sigils used for “Skills”. When inserting a sigil in the slots available on each skill, players will enhance either the damage of the skill, its rank, or even its cooldown. Sigils will require some thinking before being inserted into their slots, for there are many Sigils available and few slots to insert them in.

Questions dealing with Shops

Will shops be a 3D building or simply a 2D interface?

Shops in The Chronicles of Spellborn will be a 3D building blended in the environment. That means when strolling in cities you'll see shops as any other buildings in 3D. Interacting with the door will allow players to enter said shops. Once in, it will be a 2D interface where, depending on the nature of the shop, players will be able to buy potions, magical items, repair or buy new weapons and armours.  Shops will offer different features in addition, such as the ability to craft items, repaint pieces of your equipment... Shops play a really important role in the day to day life of The Chronicles of Spellborn's players. Post release, we might upgrade the 2D shops to full 3D.


Questions dealing with Project planning & advancement

Are there some new people who joined/quit the project those last months?

Yes, some new people joined the TCoS project the past few months. We are glad to welcome new programmers in our Tech Department, as well as some new 3D Animator / Artists. We’re always pleased to welcome new gifted and talented people willing to work on such a great project such as TCoS.

There were no official feedback from the G*, did it go wrong?

It’s true that we haven’t much communicated on the G-Star which took place in Korea. It finds its explanation in the fact that G-Star is a convention mainly focused on the Asia market. Most of the journalists there were reporting for Asian wesbites, magazines, explaining why few have been communicated towards Europe or North America. G-Star was also the first time TCoS was presented and showcased in Asia. We have received extremely positive feedback from the audience, and were astonished by the anticipation expressed by G-Star attendants. Again, reporters from all sides were convinced by the potential of The Chronicles of Spellborn.

Can you tell us wether a Collectors Edition is planned, and if yes what is its content?

Yes, we do plan to have a Collector Edition released as well as a normal one. You can be sure we’ll make this Collector Edition a must have for all Spellborn fans out there. Even though I cannot give you all the details regarding its content, you’ll likely get your hands on a very special and unique artbook, featuring Spellborn artworks and sketches drawn by our very own Romano Molenaar and Chris Evenhuis. This artbook is of course just one example of the exclusive content which will be available in the Collector Edition of the Chronicles of Spellborn.


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