Devblog #4

Pior goes on with the presentation of his work on TCoS.

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Dev : Pior

Position : character artist.

May 10th 2006

It's getting better! Pizzas on the beach at lunch break, toes in the -still very cold- sea on the weekends. Dutch women's blue jeans are getting even tighter than before, neat. And it even seems like dutch males are into the pimp-my-ride thing :

Work is getting done, especially on armor, weapons, and creatures populating the Spellborn world. Vhuuls are ready too.

Besides that, my workmate MightyPea recently brought in the new Tool album. Not really my genre at first glance, but okay in the end. Yet the packaging is simply amazing : the booklet is filled with stereo pictures and a pair of special lenses is included in the folding flap... couldn't resist.

Spellborn in real 3D! If you have the CD just print that out in 10*10cm and slide it in the booklet. Otherwise you can also unfocus your eyes and try to make the two picture overlap, but it hurts :D

Also remember that french hiphop thing I talked about? Got a new one.

That's yet another 1999 "oldies". Feels like home!

[Editors` note: Pior has no musical taste whatsoever, don`t trust him!]

Haha that's my proofreader adding his grain of salt here :D Don't trust him either!


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