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april 25th 2006

A welcome change this week : the weather has been great two days in a row in Den Haag. This happens for the first time since November, it most likely won't last long!

On top of what I just bought a CD from the band "Iam" to avoid feeling home sick.

This is one of the most famous french hiphop bands. Title says 'Shadow is Light' if you ever wonder. I couldn't find it in stores back in France yet it was an easy find on the internet. I play it at the studio and I am obviously the only one who can understand the lyrics but I DONT CARE!

This proved to be a precious help last week while getting through the process of exporting weapon and armor assets for The Chronicles of Spellborn. Pandora is great for insulation at work too! I just created the best online radio EVER with it. Still needs some fine tuning, but you can  still give it a go:

Below is a screenshot of my work environment:

3D editing on the left ; source and destination export folder, final 3D preview, internal technical page, Messenger, Outlook and music on the right. Which reminds me I really need to post a picture of my actual deskspace at the studio on the devblog.

Just reached the penultimate level in Mark Of Kri. The game appears rather short, yet very good. Trying to make it last a little... but I can't wait for Zelda : Phantom Hourglass!


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