Devblog #2

Pior goes on with the presentation of his work on TCoS.

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Dev : Pior

Position : character artist.

April 12th 2006

Working at the sea is nice.

But what a wind! I'm just back from the studio and took the icy sea wind full frontal on my way to the Tramhalte. It's kind of surprising, especially after 8 hours spent in front of a dualscreen workstation - yet you need to subtract a 30 mins lunch break at the local Murder King. One Chicken Royale meal with a Coke, Twister Fries and a HoT Brownie please.

Today amongst other things, more fine tuning on the PC and NPC hairstyles to be seen in The Chronicles of Spellborn. These are done starting from Ro! sketches or using fashion magazines pictures as a base for a more classical look. The ingame character creation editor is getting even bigger.

Texture space usage optimization, MMO-friendly polygon counts, customizable hues, faces, sexes, bodytypes and races are imperatives that the hairstyles have to conform with. "YOU TOO, create your own better-than-real-life bodybuilt ingame avatar!"

Tonight, slaughtering and stealth with The Mark Of Kri. Very very good game, Mark Of Kri!


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